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Today, You are 6.

This year you began kindergarten. You are learning to read, to write and to do simple math. You are learning to control your body and your emotions. You have come so very far this year, adjusting to all of the changes and all of the challenges. You have gone from a full IEP to reduced [...]

And Then You Were One…

One week ago our Ladybug turned one…
She had a wonderful weekend full of visiting with friends, family and a few treats.

This past year has been amazing. We feel so very blessed.
We finished off the weekend with a BBQ at my parent’s house. It was a very warm and humid day, but we still had fun.
This [...]

Peanut is now a Little Man

Five years ago today we embarked on a new journey, the journey of parenthood. Our very first baby arrived after 6 weeks of bed rest and a fall down our new condo stairs (Leaving me with a broken tailbone and a shattered left hand that would require reconstructive surgery 5 days after Peanut arrived).
Our little [...]

Another Year…

Last evening my husband prepared the perfect birthday evening! He was working late, due to a meeting, so I decided to take a bubble bath and enjoy a glass of wine once the Peanut was in bed. At some point Hubby came home and set up a birthday extravaganza! He ordered my favorite sandwich, rented [...]