Another Year…

Douglas and AmethystYumThanks Mom & Dad!

Last evening my husband prepared the perfect birthday evening! He was working late, due to a meeting, so I decided to take a bubble bath and enjoy a glass of wine once the Peanut was in bed. At some point Hubby came home and set up a birthday extravaganza! He ordered my favorite sandwich, rented a movie (Good Luck Chuck), purchased a cake for two (chocolate with vanilla frosting - my fav!) and gifts! From Peanut I received a cute card and a giraffe charm for the Pandora bracelet Hubby gave me for our anniversary. Then Hubby gave me a yarn safari day trip to NH to hit three great yarn shops. He then was sneaky and surprised me with the amethyst charm for my Pandora! He’s so sweet! Mom and Dad gave me a cute Vera tote and a day and night of babysitting for my yarn safari! Hurray! Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! You’re all so sweet!

For two brookylntweed scarves
I indulged a bit at work and purchased the yarn for two of the brooklyntweed Noro scarf I’ve been lusting after and haunted by the last few weeks. In all fairness, four of the eight were on closeout in the warehouse! :)
Please don’t forget to vote today. Choice is a wonderful freedom. Let us not take advantage of our troops and use the rights they protect and have protected for generations. :)
P.S. ~ Finished this prior to kick-off on Sunday…
My Foliage!
Pattern: Foliage on Knitty Version 1
Yarn: Keegan Lane Yarns Lux Worsted in Miss Scarlet


There are no spots left in the Spring Fling Sock Club! (Can you believe it?! What a year!) Thanks to all those who have signed up! We’re getting things ready and can’t wait to get your packages into your hands!

5 Responses to “Another Year…”

  1. Karen in Toledo Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy Birthday, Melissa.

  2. Hattie Says:

    Yay for presents! Congrats on surviving another year lol.

  3. MJ Says:

    What an awesome birthday! That cake looks too good to eat ;)
    I’m gonna just disregard the Noro…

  4. Sarah Says:

    glad you had a rockin birthday!

  5. errs Says:

    Sounds like an awesome birthday! Birthday hugs from us!