Episode Three: “Keepin’ it Real”

Episode Three is ready! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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Show Notes
Finished Objects:
Melissa - Honey Cowl knit from one skein Malabrigo Rios.
Sean - PS3 Slim, refurbished, arrived!

Works in Progress:
Sean - NEW GAME! Call of Duty BLACK OPS
Melissa - Montague Vest, Thermal Socks, Mermaid Socks.

New Stuff:
Sean - MAG Escalation
Melissa - Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, Twisted Limone (Shop is here, though it is currently sold out!), Mini Mochi in the “Cape Cod” color way, Kit from The Mannings for the Curlicue Coverlet, Signature Needles set of 5 DPNs in US 2 (2.75 mm). Carin from Round the Twist also uses Signature DPNs.

Stretchy Needle Keeper by Knitting Solutions, Interweave Holiday Knits, and Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. Please visit The Knit Girllls for their review of IWK Holiday!

Drawing: Gail Callahan’s Book goes to Eloise! Please email me at keeganlaneyarnsATyahooDOTcome with your address! Congrats and Enjoy! Special thanks to Storey Publishing for the give away!

Give Away:
Please comment on this post to be entered to win Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders from Storey Publishing! Please spread the word and have your friends enter as well! It’s a GREAT book!

26 Responses to “Episode Three: “Keepin’ it Real””

  1. Karen in Toledo Says:

    Hi! I don’t need to win the book, because I have it already. It IS awesome. :-)

  2. Rainlover Says:

    Great Episode :)

    Another great giveaway :) I have a small obsession with sock yarn, but I don’t knit socks fast enough. I saw that book and thought it would be perfect for using up all those skiens I have laying around.

  3. jen Says:

    your video cast is a fresh idea i love it! ia lso always love to see everyone’s faces!
    and you can totally call it a pigeon piddleloop…i wanted to call it the partridge piddly when i made it..and it made me want to sing partridge family songs but that’s another story.

    i need to subscirbe to this..i am sorry i missed it. (am going back to watch the other 2 episodes now)

  4. Amy Says:

    You two are so cute! And mother of all that is holy, $14.99 for a freaking magazine?? Sheesh! I want to like Interweave, but lately, they seem to just be getting on my nerves. Oh well. :) Also, I can’t wait to see more of the mermaid socks!

  5. Aberdonian Says:

    That book looks of sock yarn project looks awesome! I happen to have sock yarn! ;) Even if I don’t win it’ll go on my wishlist. And I just love your videocast.

  6. Diane Says:

    You two are so creative and make a great team! I honestly don’t know how you find the time…thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with all of us…

  7. Kitten With A Whiplash Says:

    I gots big ol’ man-feets and they are too mean to socks for me to use fine yarn making socks. I’d love to have about 101 other project ideas for the sock yarn in my stash. My tech is too last-century to watch your vidcast, but I can listen, and you are a hoot and half each, which makes three hoots!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Just got that sock yarn 1-skein book the other day through a mistake at Barnes & Noble… $3 including shipping (woohoo!!) so don’t bother counting me towards the giveaway, someone else can have it :)

    I did still want to comment though… I love the bigger video format, it’s so much nicer. And also I love Sean’s restraint & facial expressions whenever knitting related costs are discussed, too cute!

  9. eloise Says:

    So happy to win the book, hand dyeing yarn & fleece! Take my name out of the drawing this week. Even though I don’t know a thing about video games, I enjoy Sean’s comments. Funny!

  10. Nichol Says:

    First time watching, how interesring. Great for you all 8)

  11. Leslie Says:

    Please don’t enter me for the book, I already have a copy. Thanks for keeping me entertained at work!

  12. Dawn Says:

    I like your new blogging format! Did Sean intentionally match your yarn with his shirt/sweatshirt?

  13. Jen! Says:

    What do you mean you don’t need a million pairs of socks?! ;)

  14. Katherine Says:

    Great vidcast (or whatever I should be calling it!) I looked through the Interweave Holiday Knits and decided not to buy it this year because I didn’t see that much that I liked, however, after hearing your list and the knitgirllls’ list of interesting knitables, I may be rethinking my decision.

  15. Emily Says:

    Enjoyed your podcast very much.

  16. Rohanknitter Says:

    Great job - I really enjoyed it! I really like your cowl - that’s a nice project for one skein of Rios, I think that would make a great gift, too. My Barnes & Noble STILL doesn’t have the Holiday IK so I haven’t seen it in person but I’m kinda on the fence on whether or not to buy it. The “Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders” book looks great though, I’ll have to put that on my Christmas list if I’m not the lucky winner. : )

  17. sadie Says:

    I am so glad I found your wid-cast. Seriously, gets my gaming and my yarn jonesing taking care of at the same time. I always get exicted when I find a new vid or podcast that I really like, so a big thank you to you two for being so rock and roll. :)

  18. Dmop Says:

    I’m so sad to have missed Stitches this year. Thanks for bringing a taste of it to me. :D

    Oh, and I’d love to win the book. It’s on my Christmas list, but I never get knitting gifts unless I buy them myself.

  19. Marsha Says:

    I just found you from the knitgirllls. I don’t play video games (sorry Sean) love watching vidcasts. And yes, you can’t knit a million socks - so I really need this book cause I have 999,999 single skeins of sock yarn!!

  20. Tashbalaz Says:

    Loved your videocast and would LOVE to win the book. I have been stashing sock yarn like a crazy person since i started knitting socks a few months ago.

  21. Bev Love Says:

    Great show. I love the Honey Cowl and Montague vest - I look forward to seeing it finished.

  22. KnitDesigns Says:

    I just discovered your podcast and love it! I’m from Mass too and it’s great having a local podcast talking about yarn shops and areas I’m familiar with.

  23. cici Says:

    Thanks!!!I am here because The KnitGirllls mentioned you. I really enjoyed this. You both are so cute together. What a fab idea. It’s so cool to have another video cast to watch. I love how you both interact and your expressions are priceless. I love listening while i’m knitting. I just finished the Honey Cowl too. I am not a gamer but, I will pass all the info to my granddaughter who is♥

  24. TracyB Says:

    I just found your vidcast this morning! I love it. I have been eyeing that book - hope it is not too late to enter.

  25. LeenieBeenie Says:

    I just found your blog as well and am totally enjoying it keep up the good work.

  26. Donna Says:

    Hello from Australia! Loving the podcast - video casts are the best. I love being able to see all the things you talk about and having a face to put to a voice. The One Skein book looks amazing - would love the chance to win it. Look forward to future episodes.

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