His & Her’s Episode Four “And Then There Was One”

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a quickie, solo, episode for you!

Show notes to follow 11/26 in the evening!

(Oh Blip. Thanks for the armpit still shot.)

5 Responses to “His & Her’s Episode Four “And Then There Was One””

  1. Lisa Says:

    your video podcast was recommended in the Podcast Junkies group - today I checked out all 4 episodes and (of course) subscribed. I really enjoyed each episode. I’ll definitely head back over to iTunes and give you guys 5stars!

  2. kaidyd Says:

    Happy Birthday Sean!

    Enjoyed your late night video cast. The vest looks great. I like vests a lot and this one looks like it would be a nice one to knit and wear. I’m glad you really liked the fiber. I’m not a spinner (though a knitting friend had me try her wheel just last week and told me I made lovely art yarn) but I really liked the idea of sending you local fiber. The alpaca would be wonderful in the Daybreak–it’s such a lovely color.

  3. Patti Says:

    I just found your video blog and have added it to my Google Reader so I don’t miss any episodes. I am a gamer, too, so having Sean add his gaming info is a treat! I suffered something similar to The Lost Weekend when we rented Red Dead Redemption for a week. Yes, I do get obsessed. :-D

    The only bad thing is not being able to game whilst knitting. Perhaps you could add a segment about your favourite things to watch while you knit. I’ve been on a LOTR kick for the past few days, finishing a shawl and nearly finishing a pair of socks while watching all 4 discs of Fellowship Extended Edition and 3 discs (so far) on The Two Towers.

    I found y’all through The Knit Girllls forum on Ravelry. :-D

  4. Sarah Says:

    The vest looks great!! Will you ever get it back or is it going to live in the store permanently, or go back to the designer? Also, I love Ladybug’s hat, it’s so cute :-)

    Happy birthday Sean!! By the way- I would never be able to record something with my husband sleeping in the background- he would totally be scratching himself, farting or who knows what. So way to keep it polite Sean haha!

  5. Emily Says:

    Dedicated! 1:30 wow!

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