His & Hers Episode 5 “Really?!”

Sean’s Cold Med of Choice: Advil Sinus Congestion for the WIN! (Yellow and black box)

New Games: Two World’s Two (Launching in Jan.), Mass Effect 2 (Jan. 18th), Used XBox360’s around $100 at Game Stop come with 1 year guarantee, Patch on MAG, Black Ops, Assassin’s Creed. Added Later: XMen Arcade.

On the Needles: Pedestrian Crossing Cowl (Free pattern launching soon!), Malabrigo Rios, The Loopy Ewe, JoAnn Fabrics, French Press Slippers (Yarn is cheap Paton’s Wool from Micheal’s), Rhinestone buttons (also from Micheal’s), FoPAss Square “progress”.

Plurk!: Friend Melissa here!

Games for NEW PS3 Owners: Playstation Network, My Aquarium, Little Big Planet, Flower, Pixel Junk Eden, Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Finished Objects
: One complete Thermal Sock, size 11.5, Claudia Handpainted in Bootcamp, reinforcing thread, Loopy Ewe Sock Blocker (large).

New Yarn/Patterns for 2011: Socks that Rock Final Shipment for 2010, STR Sock Club 2011, Kauni for Kauni Cardian, Adrian from Hello Yarn, LLBean Fisherman Sweater, Shipwrecked Shawl, Lite Lopi Sweater, Self-imposed Sock Club (various groups on Ravelry).

Video Game Goals 2011: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Two World’s Two, Kingdom Hearts.

Our Christmas gift! Canon Rebel T1i <3

Holiday Traditions: Lasagna for Christmas Eve, Handmade Donuts and Cider for Christmas Day, Sleepless in Seattle, A Christmas Story, A Major Award Bobbleheads!, Stockings first (all in Christmas PJs).

Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders winner: Leenie Beenie
The Knitting Answer Book winner: Rainlover
Knit Socks! NEW EDITION! winner: Emily
Thank you to Storey Publishing for donating the books for our giveaway!

Podcast Shoutouts: The Knit Girllls, The Knitmore Girls, Carin at Round the Twist.

8 Responses to “His & Hers Episode 5 “Really?!””

  1. Emily Says:

    I’m so happy to win! Enjoyed your podcast. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sarah Says:

    When you two were talking about the yarn stash growing whenever Sean is in trouble it made both me & my mom laugh :-) She’s not a knitter but I watched this at work & she was casually listening. Definitely a good laugh!!

    I hope you guys have a great Christmas! Mixing new and old traditions is what makes it special a special time of year for everyone.

  3. Mandi Says:

    You guys cracked me up this episode. I too got quiet the chuckle at the yarn stash talk and Sean saying the camera was surrounded! Great episode! The two of you are very enjoyable! I’m headed to itunes for a review now :)


  4. Crafty Pancakes (Megann) Says:

    Great episode. Love the knitting/gamer talk. Sounds like my house. I had to share a product with you guys because it has made the gaming/knitting time around here about a billion times better. http://amzn.to/gGN0dP Now I don’t have to listen to the video games and he gets to play in 7.1 surround sound. My 17 yo son and my bf got them for Christmas :)

  5. mono Says:

    Hi! I am Mona mono and I live in Norway. =)

    You`re so cute together! =)

    LOL at the anger-yarn! *lol*

    A thought about the Kauni smell - I thought the smell was because of the natural lanolin in the sheepswool? I remember when I brought the first Kauni and Evilla skeins in the house, my dog went crazy smelling the yarn and I smelled it through the yarn-basket on the top of a shelf for days… *lol*

    I did not bother to wash the yarn before knitting, and the smell disapeared after washing the FO. =)

  6. rohanknitter Says:

    Great job you guys, I enjoyed it!! Had to laugh at the “anger yarn.” Ya, that might be going on around here, too. ; )

  7. knitting samurai Says:

    Great show, Really!

    You guys make me laugh. You remind me of my husband and I except he’s an Xbox junkie.

    Thanks for taking the time!

  8. Helena Says:

    i like it. i think your both so cute. that could be the wine talking though.

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