And Then You Were One…

One week ago our Ladybug turned one…

1st Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Cake

She had a wonderful weekend full of visiting with friends, family and a few treats.

This past year has been amazing. We feel so very blessed.

Ladybug enjoying MA Sheep & Wool

Ladybug enjoying MA Sheep & Wool

We finished off the weekend with a BBQ at my parent’s house. It was a very warm and humid day, but we still had fun.

Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool

This year has brought so many things. We feel so honored and thankful for our family, our friends and especially our children.

Ladybug & Auntie Sarah Practice Walking

Ladybug & Auntie Sarah Practice Walking

It was wonderful and also bittersweet. For every moment of celebration there was sorrow and guilt. I spent a lot of the weekend crying and knitting preemie hats for Project Caroline. Every package of hats that arrives here and at hospitals all over the country helps to heal so many. Thank you for your continued support!

4 Responses to “And Then You Were One…”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Lady Bug is so beautiful, Melissa.

    I can understand the “bittersweet”. Keep being thankful and knitting the hats. It is cathartic. (hugs)

  2. mim58 Says:

    Ladybug is absolutely adorable! Happy birthday to her!

    Thank you for all the work you do providing preemie hats to hospitals around the country through Project Sweet Caroline.

  3. Hattie Says:

    She is such a beauty! They grow so quick, I can’t believe she’s a year!

  4. tracey Says:

    She is so cute. Happy Birthday to your little one!

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