His & Hers Video Podcast Episode 28 “From One to Another”

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Cajun Chicken Stuffed with Pepper Jack Cheese & Spinach

Recipe from the “Cooking Creation” Blog located at: www.cukooking.blogspot.com


Modifications: Melissa added a teaspoon of whipped cream cheese to the spinach and cheese stuffing. Also, we did not pound out the chicken, rather we butterflied it instead. We cooked it at 400* for about 40 minutes, which is when the chicken was done perfectly.

Weaving will return next week! We completely forgot that segment!

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  1. Sandykins Says:

    Thanks so much for the recipe section. It´s always nice to vary the menu. I´ve been eating low carb for 4+ years and have never felt better. Down 48.5 pounds, no exercise either.

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