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About Us:Sean and Melissa have been together since high school. Sean’s love for gaming encouraged Melissa to find a portable past-time. Once out of college both hobbies grew.

We enjoy recording and chatting, it gives us a little time to reconnect and talk about something other than our two beautiful children.

We are having a lot of fun and look forward to future episodes. You can find us on Youtube and right here on the blog! :)

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Episode One: Skeins and Games

Episode Two: “No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!”

Episode Three: Keepin’ it Real

Episode Four: And Then There Was One

Episode Five: Really?!

Episode Six: Invisible FO’s

Episode Seven: Sleepwalkin’

Episode Eight: Explicit by Default

Episode 9: Best Laid Plans

Episode 10: Episode-iversary!

Episode 11: Sean Has Withdrawl

Episode 12: Friday the 13th

Episode 13: Arrr Matey!

Episode 14: Agree to Disagree

Episode 15: “Addictable?”

Episode 16: “Pintervention”

Episode 17: Double Dose

Episode 18: “A Little Off the Top”

Episode 19: “Meanwhile Back on the Ranch”

Episode 20: “Pajama-jamie-jam”

Episode 21: “Look Honey, a Deer!”

Episode 22: “Ear Muffs?”

Episode 23: “Bubble Wrap”

Episode 24: “Pre-Frankenstorm”

Episode 25: “Cuppow!”

Episode 26: “Can’t Hold a Charge”

Episode 27: “One Week Later”

Episode 28: “From One to Another”

Episode 29: “It Looks Like Something Else”

Episode 30: It’s Very Figgy”

Episode 31: “All the Leaves!” Blog Book Tour Featuring “Botanical Knits” by Alana Dakos

Episode 32: “Bathroom Terrorist on a French Toast Alert!”

Episode 33: “Double Double Mochas”

Episode 34: “Thank You”

5 Responses to “His & Hers Video Podcast”

  1. paula Says:

    would like to know if your not pod casting any more. miss you.

  2. Charity: Project Sweet Caroline | intention yarns : reveal Says:

    [...] knitters have come on board with this already.  Meliabella (Ravelry name) from the His & Hers video podcast organized a knit along for these caps.  You can read about it here.  Response has been fantastic [...]

  3. Natalie Says:

    LOVE YOU GUYS! <3<3<3 Just thought I would stop by and say that even though I talk to you (Melissa) several nights a week LOL)

  4. melissa Says:

    love you guys too funny.

  5. Knit In Rose City Says:

    Do you guys have an rss feed for any new vidcasts?

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